300CD Electric Window Exercise

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The passenger side window stopped working. - Bad switch.


Either the window motor died or the switch was bad. Slim possibility of a wiring problem.

I found that the ground connection for the passenger window runs through the rear window switch. When trouble shooting the problem with the switch disconnected, the power supply to the window switch showed as a high resistance connection. Positive was solid and provided current, but negative, or ground was high resistance. Voltage was present but no current would flow.

Inspection / Repair:


First, because I had to replace the badly scratched passenger window, I decided to start in the door. I took the door panel off, and disconnected the terminals feeding the motor. The wires hanging are the feed lines from the window switch. The wires remaining on the block are feed to the motor. I used a basic battery charger to test the motor and window assembly. It worked fine.
Next I moved to the console and switches. I removed the switch & it looked like it could be taken apart with some care.

Switch Autopsy:

Post Mortem:

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